Perseverance on the Face of Adversity

Perseverance on the Face of Adversity

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Objects in the rearview mirror....

BIAE proved to be a great success for project Garuda in a number of ways. The decision to work on the new car as a crash project so as to bring it to a state where it could be displayed at the expo could well prove to be one of the most momentous in the short history of the project. As this is, in effect the team's blog as much as it is our website, perhaps a more detailed description of what the team now fondly remembers as 'those three days' is warranted.

The decision was precipitated by big JK. No two ways about that. In his maddeningly over confident way he suddenly proclaimed, " Let's finish the new car also, what is there ?", little considering that we had three days left and the first car had taken a few months to reach an equivalent level of completion. Certainly there were more than a few voices who claimed that statements like these only confirmed what they had long been saying about the big man's sanity. However, the idea was mooted in a desultory sort of way and the general consensus was to push forward and see what happens.
What did happen was a collective effort that perhaps lends some credibility to adidas' grandiose claim. The conditions were severe - the streets of shivajinagar are not like the customization workshops on 'pimp my ride'. Working there, sitting on the road from early in the morning to well past most regular bedtimes driven by an urgent goal the team was more focussed and driven than ever before. And late on day three, on the throes of exhaustion, there it was. It was ready. It was worth it. 

The rest, as they say, is history. The expo went swimmingly. The team interacted with a multitude of interested and interesting individuals, many of whom offered suggestion and help in taking the project forward. 

After a short sojourn to Bombay the team are all back in Bangalore and ready to take the next crucial step - Testing. More updates will follow. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bengaluru International Auto Expo

Project Garuda RVCE Supermileage is proud to announce our participation in the Bengaluru International Auto Expo 2009. The expo is a huge event attracting participation from a multitude of big names from the auto industry. It is the biggest auto show in South India and brings together over 500 different brands under one roof. From Automobile Manufacturers, Automotive Component Manufacturers and the Automotive Market; BIAE is the base for the South Indian Automotive Industry to come together for innovation, showcase and growth of the industry.

We at project supermileage believe the expo affords us an excellent opportunity to showcase our technological achievements and innovations. It is also a great platform to interact with some of the prominent thinkers of the auto industry. Finally, the expo gives us the chance to get up close to some of the pathbreaking new ideas in the field. The experience is certain to be an enlightening one.

We would like to thank Winmedia communication pvt Ltd for giving us the opportunity to participate in this unique event. We will certainly work hard to ensure that it is a great success.