Perseverance on the Face of Adversity

Perseverance on the Face of Adversity

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


* Work on the 2008-09 car is now well underway. The engine modifications, i.e converting side valve to overhead, shifting position of camshaft, addition of a sleeve to reduce bore are at a fairly advanced stage and should be completed within the next few weeks. Anupam and Vinay are waiting to pounce on it and lug it off to their electronics hide-out to fit it with EFI, CDI and related paraphernalia.

* Rejoice ! Rejoice ! New SAE identity cards have finally arrived !

* Shreyas, JK and Deepak (in collaboration with too many tormented souls to enumerate) have worked a minor miracle with the chassis design and it is now firmly on the ansys workbench. With a little bit of luck we will be at the machinists with that by the 27th of november.

* Word on the street is that we may soon have a new workshop on college premises somewhere in the vicinity of the new tennis courts. If confirmed we can all (quite literally) heave a collective sigh of relief. (Without inhaling half a ton of dust)

* Rejoice! Rejoice ! Arjun 'cow' Rao is finally on the job ! Instumental in pushing the papers for the new workshop, a CFD course conducted by the wonderful people at CD Adapco was also set up by cow. Releasing next week, 'Cow doing shell design'!

* A visit to Pune has been arranged to follow up on the eco-marathon hydrogen engine by obtaining some expert advice.

* The search for further funding is still on.

More updates will follow......

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