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Shell Eco Marathon India Challenger Event 2018 - A Prodigious Experience

January 16, 2019

Its almost a month after the Shell Eco-Marathon India Challenger event got over and the event review is finally here. A lot of positives to take with its share of elements to be added to the learning curve.
Here is the timeline of events that followed as the first ever regional Shell Eco-Marathon event unfolded at the Madras Motor Race Track, Chennai.

The team arrived at the competition on 6th December welcomed by a bright Chennai weather. Mjolnir was the only participant under the Battery Electric Urban Concept category with the team Id 701. The team began unpacking and setting up the paddock for the amazing competition that awaited us. The team had to go through a safety instruction video before being handed off the wristbands which allowed the event access.

The Day 1 ended with the team completing the entire wiring of the car and the basic machining required with the delay caused by the non-availability of Aluminium Tig Welding. The team was privileged to be invit…

Bengaluru International Auto Expo

Project Garuda RVCE Supermileage is proud to announce our participation in the Bengaluru International Auto Expo 2009. The expo is a huge event attracting participation from a multitude of big names from the auto industry. It is the biggest auto show inSouth Indiaand brings together over 500 different brands under one roof. From Automobile Manufacturers, Automotive Component Manufacturers and the Automotive Market; BIAE is the base for the South Indian Automotive Industry to come together for innovation, showcase and growth of the industry.We at project supermileage believe the expo affords us an excellent opportunity to showcase our technological achievements and innovations. It is also a great platform to interact with some of the prominent thinkers of the auto industry. Finally, the expo gives us the chance to get up close to some of the pathbreaking new ideas in the field. The experience is certain to be an enlightening one.We would like to thank Winmedia communication pvt Ltd for…