Perseverance on the Face of Adversity

Perseverance on the Face of Adversity

Monday, November 26, 2007


All members of RVCE Supermileage team have keen interest in automobiles. Spurred by the growing global concerns over oil-crisis, climate change, green technology and the likes, the team came out with a common vision to build a super fuel-efficient car.

The project not only gave us a chance to implement the concepts we had learned as theory, but also helped each one of us in unleashing the potential to innovate and find reasonable solutions to practical problems. The bridging of theoretical concepts with practical undertaking proved to be invaluable in reinforcing knowledge while teaching us to think out of the box. The many innovative solutions we were forced to uncover due to practical considerations have led us to mature our understanding and knowledge.

“Only the test of fire produces fine steel”

With an aim to represent our college and country in international events like the SAE Supermileage and the Shell Eco-Marathons, our goal as a team is also to help create awareness in India about the need to conserve our energy resources and to also illustrate the fact that technological development represents an important part of the solution to the problems that we face.

It is our desire that our work can produce ideas that can see utilization in the industry for the
purpose of improving vehicle performance. We also hope it will encourage and inspire others to also put their efforts into contributing to new technology.

We also hope that this paradigm spreads to other industries as well, inspiring the same
commitment to energy efficiency that is slowly developing in the Automotive sector.


Krishna said...

Hearty congratulations for such an endeavor.At the time technology is exploding at quantum speed, our Engineering Institutes should embark on these kind of innovations.Thou there are plenty of Elite collages in B'lore, I pity not many of them oriented to Engineering [innovation , application of science and technology for development of society], rather limited to VTU syllabus and campus boundaries.
Team "GARUDA", Irrespective of your product succeeds or fails.This kind of venture will enhance your skills to apply technology for yourself be distinct apart from fellows,who just pitching of "Campus interview"
wish you good luck. Would like to see more of this from RVCE. This should set up a trend across colleges.

Shashank said...

Fantastic. All the best to you. Hope good commercialization takes place and that is very important. It is good to see research and application based projects being conceived at RV. Success to you guys!. Long way to go.

Vishwas said...

nice work guys....hope to see you at the competition...!best of luck for your efforts...
DCE Supermileage