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All members of RVCE Supermileage team have keen interest in automobiles. Spurred by the growing global concerns over oil-crisis, climate change, green technology and the likes, the team came out with a common vision to build a super fuel-efficient car.

The project not only gave us a chance to implement the concepts we had learned as theory, but also helped each one of us in unleashing the potential to innovate and find reasonable solutions to practical problems. The bridging of theoretical concepts with practical undertaking proved to be invaluable in reinforcing knowledge while teaching us to think out of the box. The many innovative solutions we were forced to uncover due to practical considerations have led us to mature our understanding and knowledge.

“Only the test of fire produces fine steel”

With an aim to represent our college and country in international events like the SAE Supermileage and the Shell Eco-Marathons, our goal as a team is also to help create awareness in India abo…


• To Design, Fabricate and Test the Supermileage vehicle, which is a single Person, ultra light, aerodynamically efficient, fuel efficient vehicle
• To obtain a very high mileage
• To develop expertise in the field of
o Automobile Design and Manufacturing
o Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
o Engine Design
o Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Systems
• To create awareness about acute issues like oil crisis, global warming, depletion of natural resources and pollution free world.

Significance/Relevance of Project Garuda - RVCE Supermileage

We live in a world today where people are becoming increasingly aware of serious environmental problems that are threatening the fragile eco-system we depend on. The UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) report on global warming has brought to the fore the sort of problems being created by our current way of life. The cars we drive contribute a massive amount towards global warming and hence, progress in improving fuel economy of our vehicles is exactly what the doctor ordered.

RVCE Supermileage addresses the issues of fuel-efficiency and climate change on two levels:

1) Technological: Supermileage is a design study where the engineering students of RVCE have put their heads together to come up with new designs and technologies to revolutionize the way we live and the cars we drive. The technologies showcased here today maybe the concepts that drive your car tomorrow.

2) Awareness: We intend to participate in various International competitions like the SAE Supermileage,…