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Future of the Automobile Industry

While countries like China are all set to ban petrol and diesel vehicles in the near future ,not just as a means to ensure that the future generations are not completely bereft of fossil fuels but also as a means to curb the growing pollution rates,what does the future of the automobile industry look like?While the prospect of flying cars seems like something out of science fiction, something very close to reality is autonomous driving vehicles.Even though autonomous driving has not taken over yet, we have a lot of features that bear uncanny resemblance to self driving vehicles.Features like voice assist,automatic braking systems,lane keep assist,adaptive cruise control,self braking etc. Another aspect to this whole scenario is electric or hybrid vehicles.While concerns about the ecology are vastly on the rise and availability of fuels on the decline,a direct solution is to alter the power source under the hood.A horde of new age electric cars are set out to be launched in the near fut…
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Objects in the rearview mirror....

BIAE proved to be a great success for project Garuda in a number of ways. The decision to work on the new car as a crash project so as to bring it to a state where it could be displayed at the expo could well prove to be one of the most momentous in the short history of the project. As this is, in effect the team's blog as much as it is our website, perhaps a more detailed description of what the team now fondly remembers as 'those three days' is warranted.
The decision was precipitated by big JK. No two ways about that. In his maddeningly over confident way he suddenly proclaimed, " Let's finish the new car also, what is there ?", little considering that we had three days left and the first car had taken a few months to reach an equivalent level of completion. Certainly there were more than a few voices who claimed that statements like these only confirmed what they had long been saying about the big man's sanity. However, the idea was mooted in a desulto…

Our TEAM !!

Bengaluru International Auto Expo

Project Garuda RVCE Supermileage is proud to announce our participation in the Bengaluru International Auto Expo 2009. The expo is a huge event attracting participation from a multitude of big names from the auto industry. It is the biggest auto show inSouth Indiaand brings together over 500 different brands under one roof. From Automobile Manufacturers, Automotive Component Manufacturers and the Automotive Market; BIAE is the base for the South Indian Automotive Industry to come together for innovation, showcase and growth of the industry.We at project supermileage believe the expo affords us an excellent opportunity to showcase our technological achievements and innovations. It is also a great platform to interact with some of the prominent thinkers of the auto industry. Finally, the expo gives us the chance to get up close to some of the pathbreaking new ideas in the field. The experience is certain to be an enlightening one.We would like to thank Winmedia communication pvt Ltd for…

Forward, the Light Brigade !

All major mechanical modification work on the engine is complete. While predictions on mileage at this stage would be hugely premature and speculative, suffice it to say that it makes all the right noises and is technically eons advanced from the old engine. The next step is to fit it with all it' s electronic components under the guidance of our friends at Race Dynamics.

Earlier this month 5 members of the team were accorded the rare privilege of a visit to General Electric's breathtaking John F Welsh Technology Center for a discussion on the project with some of the best minds from GE. The session was extremely insightful and the team gained a considerable amount of useful input. We hope and believe that this is the start of what will be a long and mutually benificial partnership with GE.

A prototype chassis has been built completely and is found to be lighter than the previous model and better able to sustain loads. However upon analysis it was found that the design could be …


* Work on the 2008-09 car is now well underway. The engine modifications, i.e converting side valve to overhead, shifting position of camshaft, addition of a sleeve to reduce bore are at a fairly advanced stage and should be completed within the next few weeks. Anupam and Vinay are waiting to pounce on it and lug it off to their electronics hide-out to fit it with EFI, CDI and related paraphernalia.

* Rejoice ! Rejoice ! New SAE identity cards have finally arrived !

* Shreyas, JK and Deepak (in collaboration with too many tormented souls to enumerate) have worked a minor miracle with the chassis design and it is now firmly on the ansys workbench. With a little bit of luck we will be at the machinists with that by the 27th of november.

* Word on the street is that we may soon have a new workshop on college premises somewhere in the vicinity of the new tennis courts. If confirmed we can all (quite literally) heave a collective sigh of relief. (Without inhaling half a ton of dust)

* Rejoice!…